Vainilla & Chocolate touches 18+ countries around the world


We are originally from Querétaro, Mexico and moved into Ohio in 2015.

During on our trips during winter holidays to Mexico. My father-in-law had an acquaintance that was a baker and thought it would be a good idea to take a one day class with him. We were so excited about what we learned that as soon as we came back to Ohio we decided to put into practice those recipes.

At the beginning the baking was just for the family, but then we started to sell to friends and then we decided to start our own business.

Like all businesses we started with simple things: the oven in our kitchen, a small kitchen aid mixer and two sheet pans.

Then we started thinking about our logo, it had to be something simple, but at the same time with the touch of Mexico, not so difficult to pronounce and easy. “VAINILLA & CHOCOLATE” was the perfect name. Both ingredients are from Mexico and our main product (conchas) have the two flavors.

The business model was kind of different, because usually in Mexico you go to the “panaderias” to buy this pastries, they bake the 365 days a year. People arrive in the morning or in the night so they can have a freshly baked sweet bead for breakfast or dinner.

 But know we were offering something completely different, it was all baked at home, just once a week and preordered. And YES it worked perfectly!

Even Mexicans know what we do, people form other countries have been curious to try Mexican pastries: United States, Guatemala, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Spain, France, India, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan.

We have been impressed about all the cultures we have touched (around 18 countries)

As Vainilla & Chocolate we want to bring mexican traditional flavors into your home and table to share with your family and friends.For us has been the perfect way to keep our traditions and share it with others.

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